Calendar Bus Drivers

A fabulous charity calendar by the Calendar Bus Drivers with all funds going to Prostate Cancer UK

I’m Andy, I’m a bus driver in and around Manchester, last October I came home from my Sunday Shift, I poked my head around the living room door asking my wife if she would like a brew, looking up at the TV, I said ‘Is this Calendar Girls?’ Yes was the reply.

I walked in to the kitchen and had a light bulb moment…. So in March this year I walked in to the Depot Managers Office and told him that I wanted to make a calender in aid of prostate awareness, and would the company have an issue with this as we would only be wearing our birthday suits, next was getting other drivers to volunteer…. and now we go by the name The Calendar Bus Drivers !!


All proceeds from the sales of the calendars, are to Prostate Cancer Uk which is a registered charity.  Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life.  We support men living with prostate cancer, prostate diseases and the effects of treatment.

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