Baker's Daughter Design

The name ‘Bakers Daughter’ was inspired by my parents, who owned a wonderful little bakery ‘The Rolling Pin’ in our local town of Marple. I grew up watching my parents work so hard to create a thriving business – my Dad the baker behind the scenes, my Mum the friendly face of the shop – together, the strongest partnership that took their bakery through over 30 years of wonderful memories. I’m forever grateful for their support and encouragement, so there’s no better way to carry a little bit of their influence than through my own business name and ethics.

A bit about my products – I love to draw! Working in fine liners using hundreds (I’ve not counted, but guessing sometimes thousands) of dots that come together to form a beautiful illustration. I especially enjoy finding and recreating details often unseen unless captured in still life form, such as insects. The delicate structures and patterns in each individual creature is truly fascinating. These aren’t for everyone, but I love to appreciate the little things in life. Nature plays a big part in a lot of my work as you’ll probably notice.

On the flip side, graphic design is also my passion. The creative industry captured my heart over 15 years ago, bringing with it so many amazing experiences and brands along the way. Working with pattern, colour and typography to deliver messages, capture attention, or to simply bring the joy of something beautiful to gaze at.

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